Preparing your quilt is very important in order to guarantee quality quilting.  Please follow these suggestions:

Make sure all your seams are secure.  If there are any open or loose seams, stitch them closed, especially along the quilt edges.

Seams should be pressed so they don't twist, and so that dark fabrics don't shadow through to the front.

Clip all threads from the front and back of your quilt top.

Be sure to properly add borders so they are not longer than the middle of your quilt top.  Please ask if you need instruction for this step.

While many don't agree, I suggest you press your piecing with steam, both during construction of the top, and once the top is complete.  Be sure to test for colorfastness before using steam.

When preparing your backing and batting, it is imperative that they are at least 4 inches larger than your quilt top on all four sides.

Remove selveges and press open your backing seams.

Do not layer or baste your quilt top, batting and backing.  They are attached to the frame independently and need to be separate in order to load your quilt.  If you have basted your layers together, please remove your basting stitches and separate the layers prior to drop off or shipping.

Have some idea of how you would like your quilt to be quilted.  Look through magazines and books, or the internet, and bring along your ideas to your consultation.