Quilting Prices and Descriptions* 
Edge to Edge:                                   $.01-.02/sq. in. 
Custom levels I-III:                           $.02-.03/sq. in. 
     Heirloom:                                        $.035/sq. in. & up
 Minimum charge:                                               $35
 Rush charge:                                                     $35

Edge to edge quilting is a single design repeated over the entire quilt surface, without any changes to the design.  The designs range from a large meander to very intricate florals and feathers.  The difficulty and density of the quilting determines the price of each design.     Custom quilting charges depend on the additions of design elements to your quilt.  A simple edge to edge design with separate border designs puts the quilting into the Custom level I range, for example. Other Custom level I designs include continuous curves, and simple block, border and sashing designs. 

Custom level II designs include medium background fills, some stitch-in-the-ditch(SID), and more intricate block, border and sashing designs, such as feathers and designs which require marking. 

Custom level III designs include dense background fills, cross-hatching, heavy SID such as around heavily appliqued areas, bead-boarding, intricate block and border designs with numerous starts and stops, and heavily marked designs. 

  Heirloom quilting is anything over and above the Custom level III range, and includes show quilting and trapunto.  Prices to be determined during your quilt consultation. 

Additional Services*

Prepare backing:                                     $20 
Binding (cents per linear inch)                         
  Make binding:                                     .05
  Attach binding:                                   .10
  Hand stitch to back:                            .15
  Complete binding:                               .30
    Repair/seaming:                                     $1/inch
  Remounting quilt for individual borders:   $10    
        Clipping threads:                                    $10/hour  
        Pressing:                                                $10/hour  
(a quick press is included with quilting)
        Shipping & insurance:                         Actual-USPS 

Products Available*

         Warm & Natural 90":                          $9.00/yard
           50/50 Warm Blend 110":                    $10.00/yard
         Soft & Bright Poly 90"                         $5.00/yard
          70/30 Dream Blend 93"                      $8.00/yard  
          Individual Dream Company battings upon request

        Bleached/unbleached muslin:            $8.00/yard   
      Buggy Barn Basics 108"                     $9.00/yard


Additional Thread colors:                                     
         Solid:                                                     $3.00 ea.
         Variegated/Metallic:                               $5.00 ea.
     (two solid threads included with quilting)


*Prices subject to change without notice.  Prices charged will be prices in effect when your quilt is placed on the waiting list.

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